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Online learning with mixed learning techniques
Interactive experience with real-life scenarios
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2-3 hours theory per course + practical application



Working alongside Vinit was truly an eye opener for my Business. Running into my 3rd year of my newly found Business, I needed advice on change of direction towards growth management and an ‘insight from the outside’. During our in-depth sessions, not only did he guide the business to increase revenue but gave me the confidence to address strategies on taking the company to the next level. An added value was receiving his book which in my opinion is a great guide not only for Business Growth but helps with understanding oneself. I highly recommend Vinit to any Businesses looking to take on a Coach

Sal, Recruitment Industry

I would describe Vinit as being extremely competent, diligent and having an innate ability to understand what the sales person is thinking and feeling. My team has benefited from the interactions they have had with him and our sales have improved as a result. In summary, I would highly recommend Vinit and Vintus Consulting for future projects

Mark Jarvis, WTiN / Textiles

For a very long time, I was mentally stuck in a rut. I knew what actions I had to take but chose to do absolutely nothing.

Now, four months into having been coached by Vinit, I can truthfully state that my mindset is shifting into a postive direction and I feel more alive than ever. My main area of concern had been my career, I have had plentiful moments of wanting to resign at my current work place. Today, over 2 years down the line, I find myself eagerly wanting to learn & take on more responsbilities. Vinit creates a safe environment of trust and openness. His mentorship and ideas are thought provoking and I have had many ‘aha!’ moments ! The knowledge acquired through Vinits’ coaching will be instilled in my everyday life. If you want to succeed, see results and are prepared to dig a little deeper inside yourself – Vinit is the man!

Angela, Healthcare Industry

Vinit has helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths. He has been able to explain the impacts both have on a personal and professional level and more importantly how to address this in order for me to become the best version of myself.

Arun, B&S Capital

Vinit has helped me tear down the barriers I was facing whilst building my business. His insights and motivation kept me on track and I managed to move much faster than if I had been on my own. A huge thank you goes to you Vinit!

Marion, Peach Me Up