Essential Sales Skills

Enhance Your Understanding, Performance and Mindset for Greater Sales Success

Through understanding essential sales skills and nurturing a progressive growth mindset, you can create your own success story. Our online sales course offers a well-rounded approach that helps you discover and take advantage of new opportunities, no matter what challenges or scenarios you encounter.

Who Should Enrol In This Program?

Whether you're an experienced salesperson looking for a refresher, an upskiller seeking a boost or a newcomer to the industry, this e-learning course will provide you with the essential tools you need to develop a progressive growth mindset.

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Discover Your Online Learning Path: Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Discover the 7 modules that form the core of our e-learning course.

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1- Selling to Different Personality Styles

This module will teach you how to adapt your communication approach to match the preferences of those around you, using the Merrill-Reid/Wilson Social Styles model as a guide.

2- Asking Effective Questions

Through this module, you'll gain insights and practical examples on how to craft a personalised approach to questioning that aligns with your sales process, all while honing your listening abilities.

3- The Importance of Storytelling

This module delves into the art of storytelling for sales, offering a framework for crafting and delivering compelling narratives, with examples from successful brands and a scientific foundation.

4- Handling Objections

In this module, you'll get strategies and examples of overcoming objections that may arise at different stages of the sales process, as well as guidance on how to set boundaries and say 'no' when needed.

5- Creating and Maintaining Urgency

In this module, you will learn the vital role of urgency management in the sales process and gain valuable insights, tactics, and real-world examples on how to maintain a sense of urgency throughout the journey.

6- Negotiation

This module looks at what negotiation is and how it can vary based on the person you're negotiating with. You'll learn a step-by-step framework for managing negotiations, including key preparations that will boost your chances of success.

7- Closing the Sale

This module examines a range of techniques for closing the sale, including strategies for maintaining interest in the face of delays. You'll learn how to effectively seal the deal and leave a positive impression on your potential customers.


Will I get an accreditation at the end of the course?

Absolutely! LSOS will provide you with a LinkedIn badge and you’ll collect CPD points also.

Where will my qualification be recognised?

Your LSOS training certificate is approved by CPD, the world's leading and largest independent accreditation institution. It has global recognition and reputation.

Do I have to complete each module in one sitting, or can I save and resume my studies?

LSOS is built using the latest technology. We recognise the fact that learners want to set their own pace of learning, so you can pause any module, at any point, and simply pick up where you left off when you log back in.

How long will it take me to complete each module?

While you have the freedom to move through the modules at your own pace, we suggest setting aside a month for each one to allow for adequate reflection and skill-building.

Can I buy individual modules?

The modules are designed to build upon each other, so they are not available to be taken individually. The true value of the course lies in experiencing it as a cohesive whole.

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