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What Does Your Sales Team Need to Succeed?

Why London School Of Sales?
  • Skill Development & Onboarding

    Boost your team's sales performance and shorten the ramp time of new hires. Help your team build a growth mindset.

  • Improving Retention & Growing Accounts

    Embed core account management competencies into your team's playbook. Develop your sales team's understanding of modern account planning strategies.

  • Converting Prospects to Customers

    Make pipeline management a strategic tool for your team. Combine LSOS essential sales skills with business development strategies.

  • Developing Sales Managers & Leaders

    Transform your team members and managers into sales leaders. Support their transformation with a holistic sales management toolkit.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    Tailored solutions to meet your needs, such as in-person training, coaching, and blended learning experiences.

Online sales training solutions tailored to the needs, priorities, and goals of your sales team.

Our Methodology

We blend the most effective techniques of modern sales methodologies to create our exceptional training approach.

1. Problem Discovery

As LSOS, we involve stakeholders in the design process to create the most effective solutions.

In our discovery sessions, we ask the right questions and actively listen to understand your needs.

2. Solution Design

After we assess your needs and understand your desired outcomes and measures of success, we design effective programmes that blend various training elements together:

• Clear learning objectives

• Topic summary videos

• Relatable, real-life examples

• Guided self-reflection

• Tips to introduce the learnings into daily routines

• Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic (VARK) exercises for unique learning habits

3. Learning & Development Delivery

The secret to our solution's success is how it is delivered to the learner. We deliver our training content using three proven methods:

E-learning: Our interactive online learning platform enables self-directed learning for salespeople through a range of devices.

Instructor-Led Workshops: Our Bespoke Workshop programmes support the reinforcement of ideas, behaviours and practices.

Coaching: Our coaching system, including review of key module topics, role-playing scenarios and conversations on concerns, removes the barriers to salespeople's mindsets.

4. Continuous Learning

Only through continuous reinforcement can sales teams develop the growth mindset needed to permanently increase their sales success.

We use continuous learning to provide consistent messaging, which acts as a stimulus for behavioural change.

The greater the depth of knowledge and self-confidence, the greater the productivity and performance!

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Why Choose London School Of Sales?

Modern Methodology | CPD Accredited | Sector Agnostic


Our bespoke training and coaching will help your team address the specific areas where they need improvement.


Our online sales training programmes are scalable and tailored to fit businesses of all sizes and budgets.


Team LSOS has a proven track record of success. We've helped numerous businesses improve their sales performance.