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Gain access to our extensive library of exceptional sales training resources. Our content is tailored to empower your team, enhance your training portfolio, attract more clients, and position you as a trusted provider of comprehensive sales solutions.

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Looking for a Comprehensive Range of Sales-Specific Content?

Partner with LSOS to seamlessly aggregate and distribute premium sales e-learning courses with your platform.

LSOS is your hub for the most comprehensive online sales training, with an extensive sales content library covering every need, providing your clients with a wide variety of valuable resources.

Sales Enablement Software Providers:

Ready to Empower Your Sales Professionals?

Join forces with LSOS and offer the most comprehensive sales training available. Our interactive online sales content library is designed to empower sales professionals.

Equip revenue-generating roles in sales with the skills they need for success through our CPD-accredited, fully online training programmes.

Local Training & Development Organisations:

Enhance Your Interactive Curriculum & Sales Training Portfolio

Utilise LSOS's content library to enhance your interactive curriculum and sales training portfolio.

Partnering with LSOS, a leader in sales education, gives you access to comprehensive, premium content. Train your trainers with our tailored courses and exercises.

Ethical and Value-Driven Approach

Positively changing the perception of sales through an ethical and value-driven approach is at the core of the LSOS vision.

Better Future through Collaboration

Our priority is taking the strain off of your structure, so you can easily expand. We believe collaboration between like-minded organisations keen to grow together leads to a better future.

Partnerships with Organisations

As a London-based online sales training platform, we develop partnerships with organisations from all over the world that share our vision and passion for sales.

Why Partner with London School of Sales?

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    Worldwide Training Partner

    Join our network of worldwide training partners and become part of an ecosystem driven by excellence in sales education. Local training organisations, associations, and any organisation looking to refine sales skills can benefit from our content library and set of sales programmes.

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    Ethical & Value-Driven Approach

    LSOS is committed to changing the perception of sales through an ethical and value-driven approach. We prioritise mutual growth and success, working together with like-minded organisations to shape a brighter future. Together, we believe in the power of “Learn More, Sell More” to drive success.

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    Comprehensive Range of Sales Training Programmes

    We understand the importance of impactful content in today's sales landscape. Our programmes go beyond traditional training. We focus on behavioural change, nurturing a growth mindset, accountability, value-driven consultative selling, and adaptability. Whatever sales roles you need to develop, our comprehensive range of programmes has you covered.

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    CPD Certification for Professional Development

    We value mutual industry growth and development. That's why all our programmes are CPD-accredited, ensuring that your team's professional development is recognised and respected.

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    Created by Salespeople for Salespeople

    We understand the importance of continuous development in today's environment. Our bespoke training and coaching solutions address specific areas of improvement, tailored to each team's needs. With our proven track record of success and experience in various industries, we are dedicated to helping sales teams thrive.

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    Modern Methodology

    Our curated, consolidated, and interactive approach is designed to change the perception of sales from the inside out. By identifying the gaps you'd like to fill, showcasing your expertise, and applying industry-specific knowledge, we provide a modern, effective methodology to refine sales skills and drive success.

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Gain access to a wealth of resources and expertise that will help you grow your business and boost your brand.

Let's create impactful learning experiences where salespeople thrive, aligning their actions with your company culture and sales goals through collaborative development.

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