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Our commitment to sales goes beyond training, we foster a passion for lifelong learning and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement


the all-in cost for a business to replace a sales professional

(source: DePaul University)


of sales employees are thinking of leaving due to lack of effective development from their manager

(source: Zenger Folkman)


of sales leaders don’t think they have the team to succeed

(source: CSO Insights)

Driven to Propel Your Sales Growth

We have a deep understanding of sales, gained through experiencing the challenges and work environment first-hand.

Our hallmark of success lies in our ability to cultivate a growth mindset, deliver transformative behavioural change and create an environment for sales professionals to triumph.


To provide the most practical and honest online sales training and coaching for sales teams, elevating the status of the future generation of sales within the wider business community.


We are committed to influencing millions of sales teams in the UK and worldwide to make them proud to sell.


Empathy, passion, compassion, pride and fun are the core values of LSOS. We are passionate about working with like-minded people that are driven by these values...


We are driven to create a better future for our industry and want you to be proud to sell and excel.

Vinit Shah

Founder & Sales Coach

Steve Charlton

Sales Coach

Caroline Ferguson

Sales Coach

Penny Power


Catherine Marchant


Idalina De Jesus

Learning Advisor

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Vinit Shah

Founder & Sales Coach

Proud to sell because… we need to believe in what we do. We need to believe in ourselves if we are to excel. Sales is one of the oldest professions there is and it’s endured for a reason. Sales should be seen as adding value, not a ‘dirty’ word. But to change how others see it we must first walk the walk and take pride in what we do.

I’ve been working in commercial roles, helping businesses to successfully meet their strategic objectives and sales targets, for more than 25 years.

It’s my experience on the ground, of having done the job that you are doing, combined with my own continuing professional development and particular passion for selling that led me to develop my own sales approach.

My career has been all about building high-performance teams, inspiring, motivating, and coaching sales professionals like you to deliver on their numbers and great customer service while focusing on continuous improvement.

My whole approach is about empowering individuals and creating a culture of trust and knowledge sharing that ensures you don’t negotiate with yourself or what you believe in.

I want you to be proud to sell and others to value what you do. It’s why I founded London School of Sales. It’s what led me to write ‘Slice’, which is all about encouraging aspiring sales professionals to harness the power of personal development.

And it’s why I’m on a mission to make one million sales people proud to sell. Why not be one of them?

Steve Charlton

Sales Coach

Proud to sell because… selling is at the heart of everything I do, from negotiating with my son to study harder, buying the latest bike gear that I don’t need, through to convincing clients to employ me. Almost everyone is selling at some point, but no-one talks about it – I want to change that!

I’ve spent the last 25 years in leadership roles, coaching people at every level of their commercial career – from those starting out and getting their first promotion, all the way up to those achieving President and MD positions.

My career has given me a wealth of sales leadership experience and exposed me to a wide variety of different perspectives. It’s safe to assume that I’ve walked in the shoes you are in right now.

I believe that people ultimately buy into people and consequently that, in any B2B sales environment, your people are your strongest asset. It’s why I’m a great advocate of developing salespeople like you to realise their full potential. And it’s why I’m focused on how you can make a difference to your performance, your business and your life.

My coaching style is straightforward, supportive and results-driven. I coach practical techniques and styles to build confidence and will help you successfully navigate internal and external client relationships.

When I left the corporate world, I read the testimonials from my many colleagues and the common thread was the value placed on my leadership style and approach. I realised my vision was right there… to challenge the current notion of leadership. So I founded The Real Leadership Consultancy and now work with inspirational people who are looking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Caroline Ferguson

Sales Coach

Proud to sell because… For me, selling is about serving. The word ‘sell’ has its roots in an Old English word ‘sellan’, which means to give or to promise. It’s about answering a need and delivering value. I haven’t always held this view, though.

After many years’ working in marketing and business communications, (where supporting sales teams was a key part of my role), I left the corporate world to train as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist. In time I set up a business providing mindset and self-leadership training, coaching and talks to individuals and organisations.

In the early days I found selling my own services nerve-wracking. I believed I was imposing on prospective customers, who were looking for reasons to say no, and I was convinced I was terrible at selling. Not surprisingly, this didn’t help my business.

Part of my job is to empower people to notice, challenge and change the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and to become effective self-leaders. To turn my business around, I had to become my own client.

Once I’d dealt with my negative stories, I invested in sales training from an expert, whose values around integrity and service matched mine. It was a revelation that, having identified my ideal clients, ‘selling’ simply meant guiding them through a conversation, using compassionate curiosity to understand their needs in depth and proposing a solution that I was confident would help them.

So I understand first-hand how important both the right mindset and the right training are for effective selling. Ultimately, it’s about problem-solving and delivering deep service, and having confidence in your knowledge and process.


Penny Power


Proud to sell because – if you want to succeed at your chosen career – and life generally –  you need to believe in yourself and what you do. You need to rely on your own instincts and know the dreams you hold for your version of success, ambition and happiness will ensure you have the life you want and not the life you compare yourself with.

Having worked as an IT and sales and marketing director, I embarked on a 25-year adventure as an entrepreneur. I’ve founded and sold two businesses – one global, one national – and, in 2014, was awarded an OBE for Contribution to Entrepreneurship in the social digital economy.

I specialise in entrepreneurship, brand building and the power of building a community around your expertise. I’m author of two best-selling books: ‘Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me’, evangelising the power of social media for business (2009) and ‘Business Is Personal’, sharing the emotional and mental aspect of leading your own business (2009).

My entire approach boils down to the fact that I believe the most important thing in life and business is people, and that I’m focused on connecting deeply with them and their hearts. Afterall, it’s only by finding the truth out about each other that we can support one another in the way we truly require.

I carry this belief right through my coaching style. For me, it is all about listening, learning, and respecting the skills of the people I’m working with. I explore what makes them happy and brings them peace as these things will ultimately help them to build a brand that attracts the life they want to lead.


Catherine Marchant


Proud to sell because – you need to believe in the people you buy from and you’re only going to do this if they believe in what they do. It’s all about value. Understanding the value proposition of what it is you are selling and the discipline of selling itself. This is what will give you the absolute confidence in what you do and will power your success.

I have spent the last 25 years in leadership roles, primarily in the charity sector. During that time, I have coached and mentored people at all levels to help them achieve their business objectives.

People buy into people. Sales is about people. I believe that if you have the right approach, understand exactly what clients need and have the confidence that your product or service can help them meet that need, then people will buy from you.

Whether in the corporate sector or charity sector, we are all selling something, be it a product, a service, or a cause. Understanding your value proposition and how to sell that is critical if you are to be successful.

I want to use my experience, my successes and my mistakes to help you gain the confidence, resilience and skills to build relationships, make the sale and manage those relationships to ensure people buy from you again and again.

I have learned so much in my career and have seen what works and what doesn’t. I see organisations make the same mistakes time and time again. I set up my consultancy to help build stronger, sustainable charities. That can only be achieved by developing stronger, resilient leaders and better skilled teams.


Idalina De Jesus

Learning Advisor

Proud to sell because… I want you to be the best you can be, to have confidence in and value what you do. I want you to be equipped with the tools you need to overcome any challenge so that you can succeed, thrive and pay this forward to your peers!

I have worked for the last 15 years as an Operations Director for SMEs in a variety of industries but mainly in the education sector, where I’ve managed multi-disciplinary teams and businesses through change and growth.

I’m passionate about helping individuals like you to become the best that you can be by sharing my knowledge of how I have developed successful teams. I truly believe in sharing knowledge, experiences and listening to your peers regardless of their status. I learn something new every day from those around me.

My coaching style is honest and transparent. I consider myself to be supportive and will work with you to define the best ways to inspire confidence and help you eliminate any barriers you might have so that you can successfully build relationships with people at all levels.

I have been a sitting trustee member of a charity run school for the last couple of years and I am on the board of Learn et al, the business I currently run. I am fascinated by people and I always find myself coaching or advising business professionals and individuals. I believe this trait was instilled in me at a very young age and it is something I truly enjoy.