Asking your sales team for more revenue.

Transition from hands-on sales to leading a thriving team.

Join our free group call clinic to see if our 90-day Sales Accelerator is the right fit for you. It’s your opportunity to build a self-reliant team, refine your processes, and solidify your sales pipeline - for a repeatable sales engine and amplified revenue.

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The Challenge

Facing Revenue Hurdles? We Tackle Them Head-On

Join our group call clinic and engage with others facing similar challenges. Share your experiences, learn from your peers, and explore whether our 90-day Sales Accelerator can align with your needs. It's the perfect opportunity to:

Recalibrate Your Recruitment: Go beyond hiring top sellers; find team members who enhance and embody your business culture.

Systemize for Success: Equip your team with the right systems and tools to turn potential into performance.

Cultivate a Winning Culture: Don't let cultural misalignments undermine your success. Learn how to build a sales culture that thrives on shared values and goals.

Prepare to build or stabilise your sales team with our programme designed to propel you through pivotal transitions, arming you with effective strategies, systems, and insights for lasting success.

The Solution

United in Overcoming Common Sales Challenges

Our 90-Day Sales Accelerator is your all-in-one solution where we unite businesses facing similar hurdles. Here’s how we journey together towards revenue enhancement:

Strategize Together: Forge winning strategies tailored to your unique business goals, created through collective wisdom and proven practices.

Systemize for Collective Efficiency: Streamline your processes with tools proven effective across businesses like yours, enhancing team performance while simplifying your role.

Culture of Collaboration: Elevate from a solo endeavor to a shared venture, cultivating a sales culture that thrives on mutual support, shared objectives, and dynamic interaction.

With us, it's not just about individual advancement; it's about progressing together, equipped with everything necessary to turn common challenges into shared victories.

The Outcome

Your Collective Success Over Sales Challenges

By joining forces in our Sales Accelerator, you'll achieve more than individual success—you'll become part of a network of business owners rewriting their sales stories together. Expect to:

Attain a New Level of Sales Autonomy: With the collective insights and experiences gained, you and your team will operate independently, backed by a robust strategy.

Experience Elevated Team Cohesion and Efficiency: As you implement streamlined systems and foster a dynamic culture, watch your team's performance soar with newfound synergy.

Reap the Benefits of a Collective Journey: Harness the power of shared learning to supercharge your sales pipeline and achieve consistent revenue growth.

After our 90 days together, you'll not only have a personalised 'Sales Playbook' but also the confidence of having navigated and conquered common challenges with peers, ready to replicate this success as your business scales and evolves.

Who is the accelerator for

You've built your business - now let your team build your revenue.

The LSOS Sales Accelerator is tailored for small business owners prepared to expand their sales teams or transition from sole selling to managing a sales team. It guides you through recognising the significance of not only recruiting skilled salespeople but also creating a culture that ensures consistent sales.

Practical Sales Application Designed for You

90 days
of group coaching

2 x 90 minute
sessions each week

1 year access
to our e-learning tools

Your Challenges We Address in 90-Day Journey

By the end of our 90-day journey, you'll have crafted your own 'Sales Playbook' - a detailed guide tailored to your business needs. This playbook will equip you to replicate success and adapt your strategies as your business and market dynamics evolve.



Sales dependency on the business owner, inadequate recruitment, misaligned rewards, and insufficient training.



Undefined sales processes, ineffective sales conversations, lack of standardisation, and absence of a baseline process.



Poor pipeline management, inaccurate forecasting, unaddressed bottlenecks, and low accountability.



Reactive sales management, non-strategic leadership, insufficient skills and knowledge, and inadequate metrics.

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A Message from Your Lead Mentor

“I specialise in helping small business owners transition from managing daily sales activities to building sales teams poised for growth. In challenging market conditions, it's easy to point fingers at external factors. Yet, the true path to business acceleration often lies within - like a well-maintained car, a finely-tuned sales strategy is crucial for winning in the marketplace. Remember, the performance of a fast car is contingent on the skill of its driver. That's precisely what our Sales Accelerator programme offers - equipping you with the expertise to steer your business to success, irrespective of economic fluctuations.”

Vinit Shah
Founder and Managing DirectorFounder and Managing Director LSOS