From Owner-Led Sales to
Leading a Thriving Team

The London School of Sales 90-day Small Business Sales Accelerator is your step-by-step guide to developing strategies and SOPs for sales expansion. Achieve your revenue goals by shifting from hands-on sales management to leading a successful sales team.

Who is the accelerator for

You’ve built the business foundations, now empower your team to drive revenue

The LSOS Sales Accelerator guides ambitious business owners through the transition from hands-on sales management to establishing a scalable sales operation.

Let us help you implement sales processes and systems that are aligned to your business goals, enabling improved pipeline health and sustainable growth.

Boost revenues, ease anxiety, and enhance performance - for you and your team!

How Our Sales Accelerator Turns Your Pain into Gain

Get Clarity on Your:

Sales vision, strategy, and actionable tactics.

GTM plan to transform and scale.

Systems and processes to build a consistent pipeline.

Mindset and roadmap to revenue growth.

Eliminate wasted energy on:

External consultants and short-term fixes.

Hiring salespeople unsuited to your needs.

Chasing the wrong opportunities

Lengthy sales cycles and unqualified target markets

Overcome negative thoughts around:

Your ability to run a thriving business.

Achieving the financial freedom and life you want.

Mindset and imposter syndrome.

Performance anxiety leading to mistakes.

*Based on eligibility, this may turn into a 1-1 call.


See if Our 90-Day Sales Accelerator Is the Right Fit for You

Our group-style coaching call enables you and other business owners to discuss your objectives and challenges. The format is designed to give you the attention you deserve, facilitate idea sharing, and guide you in the right direction.

*Based on eligibility, this may turn into a 1-1 call.

Your Path to Overcoming Challenges
and Unlocking Success


Practical Sales Application Designed for You

Within 90 days

Have your sales strategy and plan

2 x 60 minute

Group coaching sessions per week

1 year access

To our resources and training materials

Commit to the process. Actively engage in group sessions. Customise the frameworks and toolkits to your business.


Sales Playbook in Your Hand

By the end of our 90-day journey, you'll have crafted your own 'Sales Playbook' - a detailed guide tailored to your business needs. This playbook will equip you to replicate success and adapt your strategies as your business and market dynamics evolve.

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A Message from Your Lead Mentor

“I specialise in guiding ambitious business owners through the transition from hands-on sales management to establishing a scalable sales operation.

In challenging market conditions, it's easy to point fingers at external factors. Yet, the true path to business acceleration often lies within - like a well-maintained car, a finely-tuned sales strategy is crucial for winning in the marketplace. Remember, the performance of a fast car is contingent on the skill of its driver. That's precisely what our Sales Accelerator programme offers - equipping you with the expertise to steer your business to success, irrespective of economic fluctuations.”

Join us to fine-tune your sales engine and race ahead of the competition.

Vinit Shah
Founder and Managing Director at LSOS