How CFS Developed a Proactive Sales Strategy with LSOS


CFS Fixings Ltd is a shining example of a family-run business that provides an essential service to the construction industry. As a provider of lifting and fixing systems, CFS designs and manufactures steel brackets and channels that ensure the structural integrity of buildings is maintained.

With its commitment to quality and excellence, CFS has been providing solutions that are fit for purpose since its founding in 2000.

Goals & Challenges

CFS had a strong reputation in the construction industry, but after the founder, Tim, transitioned into the Chairman’s role and his son Henry took over as CEO, they recognised the need to implement a more focused and targeted sales strategy to establish a proactive sales capability and achieve the next phase of growth.

The construction industry is a highly competitive space, and CFS wanted to differentiate itself by developing pipeline management, growth planning, and sales processes specific to the industry’s needs, including RIBA construction stages.

There was a desire to maintain the current business, including their commitment to providing excellent service and solutions, while developing a strategy that enables the business to target higher value projects that require value engineering and typically have a much longer sales cycle.

Specifically, CFS wanted to understand the stages involved in the technical sales process and mirror the buying journey to the sales process. They aimed to help the sales team develop the necessary rigor in their approach to each opportunity, which would help to develop the sales pipeline and create long-term relationships with the ideal customer profile that had been identified.

CFS was also keen to develop a proactive outbound sales strategy that would increase its brand awareness and engagement.

Partnership and Value

To achieve these goals, CFS partnered with LSOS, who brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in sales to the collaboration. LSOS delivered immense value to the partnership by providing valuable consulting, coaching, and training to upskill CFS’s sales operation.

Together, they conducted a thorough sales audit, delving deep into the nuances of the business’s sales operation. This allowed LSOS to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges at hand and devise practical solutions to overcome them.

Through the power of coaching, LSOS helped facilitate change management within the team, encouraging a shift in mindset and behaviour to embrace change as an opportunity for growth and success.


LSOS also granted access to cutting-edge e-learning resources, providing the team with continuous learning opportunities to hone their skills to stay at the forefront of the industry.

By working hand in hand, CFS and LSOS were able to identify a comprehensive sales team structure and strategy improvement roadmap that included:

Defining the ideal customer profile
Designing technical and commercial sales processes
Identifying buyer journeys and profiles
And optimising sales pipeline stages and qualifications

LSOS further aided the partnership by implementing a weekly forecasting and pipeline review process that enabled CFS to track its progress accurately.

Additionally, LSOS supported the recruitment process of a sales director, ultimately bringing a new and talented individual on board to help drive sales further.



Developing an effective sales strategy in the construction industry can be difficult without expert guidance. However, working with a business partner experienced in creating industry-specific solutions can clear the way to sustainable growth and success.

By collaborating with LSOS, CFS was able to integrate its sales strategies with the overall business goals, resulting in a more streamlined and effective approach to generating revenue.

They built a progressive sales approach that helped them develop pipeline management, growth planning, and sales processes specific to the construction industry.

By instilling proactive and consultative selling principles, CFS developed the necessary foundations to scale and grow the business.

The partnership between CFS and LSOS was truly transformative, resulting in unparalleled success and growth. This success not only increased their profits but also gave their team a deep-rooted growth mindset.

The fact that LSOS has helped them achieve effective results in a short time, despite operating in an area with unique sales dynamics, saved the CFS team a considerable amount of time to perfect their newly developed mindsets within their unique work culture.

The partnership between CFS and LSOS exemplified the power of collaboration and highlights the limitless possibilities that come with working together toward a common goal.

As a result of this partnership, CFS
achieved the following:

Improved pipeline management, growth planning, and sales processes specific to the construction industry.

Clearly assigned roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation.

Rigor in the team's approach to every opportunity to create long-term relationships with the ideal customer profile.

Solid foundations based on proven methodologies to grow the business.

Qualification criteria to develop a healthy pipeline and proactively manage opportunities as necessary.

A Sales strategy manual.

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