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LSOS online sales training programmes sustainably boost your sales success, whether you are new to sales, want to improve your performance, or aiming to step up as a manager or leader.

Essential Sales Skills: Enabling Effective Conversations

Empower your team's performance with adaptability and effective management.

Sales Management: Harnessing Human ‘soft’ Skills to Deliver Results

Learn how to elevate your team to the next level through your adaptability and management skills.

Account Management: Driving Retention & Growth

Delve into the 7 essential competencies for maintaining and expanding client relationships.

Communication Skills for Sales: Boosting Engagement & Performance

Discover how to communicate effectively throughout the sales process.

Sales Mindset & Emotional Intelligence: Foundations for Long-Term Success

Learn how to cultivate habits and behaviors that will distinguish you and drive your success.

Sales Process & Prospecting: Optimising Pipeline & Closing Success

Accelerate your sales efficiency by sharpening your qualification and planning skills.

Learn at Your Pace

Unlock the boundless possibilities of online learning. Embrace an educational experience that eradicates the barriers of traditional methods.


Fit learning into your life without disrupting your routine. Integrate training with your existing commitments, choosing when and where you study.


Access course materials 24/7. Study during your most productive hours and revisit content when you need to reinforce your understanding.

Personalised Learning

Customise your learning for maximum progress. Spend more time on challenging topics or move quickly through concepts you grasp easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses completely online?

Our courses are %100 online and self-paced. They provide a comprehensive e-learning experience that includes interactive exercises and reflection points throughout the modules.

Can you tell me more about one-to-one coaching support?

Opting for this offers an experienced sales coach's guidance. It combines the e-learning course material mentioned earlier with personalised coaching, targeting distinct challenges faced by salespeople. The objective is to fully grasp goals, existing challenges, and reality before working through alternate strategies and implementing the change. For more information, please contact us.

Are the certificates recognised by industry professionals?

Yes, our certificates are recognised within the industry as a testament to your dedication to ongoing professional development.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

It is our way of showing you that we stand behind our sales training courses and care about your success and satisfaction. If you are not happy with the quality of our training, you can request a refund within 7 days. Or, we will be happy to explore alternative programmes that may be more aligned with your requirements.