Need to Supercharge Your Sales Skills?
Refine Your Sales Performance and Unlock Your Full Potential for Success
Essential Sales Skills
Enhance Your Mindset for Greater Sales Success
Sales Management Toolkit
Unleash Your Potential as a Progressive Sales Leader
Sales Management Toolkit with Coaching
Overcome Sales Challenges With the Expertise of a Guide
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Want to Supercharge Your Sales Skills?

Unlock Your Sales Potential and Excel Your Career


Train at your own pace according to your unique learning habits


Enhance your learning with a next-generation training platform


Introduce fresh perspectives into your daily sales routine


Experience interactive, real-life scenarios

Fuel Your Sales Engine

LSOS programmes give you what you need to sustainably boost your sales success, whether you are new to sales, want to improve your performance or aiming to step up as a manager or leader.

Essential Sales Skills

Master the seven essential techniques that are key to sustainable sales success.

Sales Management Toolkit

Acquire the soft skills and mindset necessary to confidently navigate any situation and drive progress as a sales leader.

Sales Management Toolkit With Coaching

A change of voice can be effective for a salesperson to gain momentum to support their development.
Empower your learning with coaching to review topics, discuss challenges and validate.

Free Skills Scorecard

Not sure which path to choose?
Try our FREE sales skills appraisal to discover your potential areas for improvement.


Will I get an accreditation at the end of the course?

Absolutely! LSOS will provide you with a LinkedIn badge and you’ll collect CPD points also.

Where will my qualification be recognised?

Your LSOS training certificate is approved by CPD, the world's leading and largest independent accreditation institution. It has global recognition and reputation.

Do I have to complete each module in one sitting, or can I save and resume my studies?

LSOS is built using the latest technology. We recognise the fact that learners want to set their own pace of learning, so you can pause any module, at any point, and simply pick up where you left off when you log back in.

What if I don’t complete the modules in time?

We’ll be reminding you along the way to keep you motivated and on track. If you need a break or take a well-deserved holiday, there should still be plenty of time to complete the course. If this isn’t the case, then give us a call.

It’s difficult for me to get a training budget. Can you help?

Yes. Firstly, this shouldn’t be viewed as a cost. LSOS can help you demonstrate the ROI this will bring your business. We’ve made it simple for you. Use this template letter which outlines the benefits for your budget holder.

With which payment methods can I enrol?

In addition to Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, you can also enrol using your Knoma account.