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Essential Sales Skills: Enabling Effective Conversations

12 Months Access | CPD-Accredited | Online £300

Build a holistic sales approach to overcome challenges, capitalise on opportunities, and identify lasting business value.

Sales Management: Harnessing Human ‘soft’ Skills to Deliver Results

12 Months Access | CPD-Accredited | Online £594

Lead your sales team through change, efficient onboarding, and team-oriented strategies, fostering a supportive culture to drive motivation.

Account Management: Driving Retention & Growth

12 Months Access | CPD-Accredited | Online £300

Learn how to plan, manage, and apply consultative, value-driven account management strategies to retain and grow your client portfolio.

Communication Skills for Sales: Boosting Engagement & Performance

12 Months Access | CPD-Accredited | Online £300

Connect authentically, influence decisively, and create value with your clients by communicating effectively, identifying their needs, and expanding your network.

Sales Mindset & Emotional Intelligence: Foundations for Long-Term Success

12 Months Access | CPD-Accredited | Online £300

Empower yourself with critical sales mindsets, emotional intelligence, and effective management to turn challenges into growth opportunities.

Sales Process & Prospecting: Optimising Pipeline & Closing Success

12 Months Access | Online

Streamline your sales cycle, tailor messages to different buyers, generate qualified leads, manage your pipeline, and overcome objections for exceptional sales results.

Sales Strategy: Developing the Blueprint for Growth

12 Months Access | Online

Learn how to proactively develop a plan that encompasses the critical components of the sales strategy.

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