Sales Mindset & Emotional Intelligence:
Foundations for Long-Term Success

A progressive mentality empowers salespeople to build momentum, create new perspectives, and overcome challenges.

Enrol and learn about the critical sales mindsets, the impact of emotional intelligence in sales, and their effective management.

This course caters to all salespeople, particularly those who are responsible for:

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Discover the 10 Modules That Form the Core of Our Course

1. Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Learn how to use emotional intelligence to understand and manage your own and your customers’ emotions, and to build empathy and rapport with them.


2. Sales Mindset

Discover how to develop a positive and resilient sales mindset that enables you to overcome challenges, learn from feedback, and progress.


3. Always Be Learning

Embrace continuous learning and development as the key to long-term sales success, and identify and apply effective learning strategies.


4. Time Management in Sales

Learn to manage your time effectively, and avoid common time-wasters and distractions to improve your productivity.


5. Selling to Different Personality Types

Understand your own and your customers’ personality styles, and adapt your selling style and communication preferences accordingly.

6. Analytical and Critical Thinking in Sales

Improve your analytical and critical thinking skills, and apply them in problem-solving and decision-making in different sales scenarios.

7. Matching Needs to Value

Define and communicate the value of your products or services from your customers’ perspective, and demonstrate how they can address their pain points and needs.

8. Competitive Advantage

Identify and leverage your competitive advantage in the market, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

9. Meeting Planning

Plan and prepare for different types of sales meetings, and set clear objectives and expectations for each meeting.

10. Handling Objections

Handle objections effectively and, use them as an opportunity to provide relevant insights to build credibility and momentum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses completely online?

Our courses are %100 online and self-paced. They provide a comprehensive e-learning experience that includes interactive exercises and reflection points throughout the modules.

Can you tell me more about one-to-one coaching support?

Opting for this offers an experienced sales coach's guidance. It combines the e-learning course material mentioned earlier with personalised coaching, targeting distinct challenges faced by salespeople. The objective is to fully grasp goals, existing challenges, and reality before working through alternate strategies and implementing the change. For more information, please contact us.

Are the certificates recognised by industry professionals?

Yes, our certificates are recognised within the industry as a testament to your dedication to ongoing professional development.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

It is our way of showing you that we stand behind our sales training courses and care about your success and satisfaction. If you are not happy with the quality of our training, you can request a refund within 7 days. Or, we will be happy to explore alternative programmes that may be more aligned with your requirements.

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