Professional Development: Taking Responsibility For Your Own Future In Sales

November 20, 2020

Penny Power OBE and LSOS Founder Vinit Shah Talk Professional Development
I first met Penny in September 2019. I was participating in a panel discussion on thought leadership that she was facilitating, where I remember naming Jurgen Klopp as an example of an impressive thought leader and role model. I didn’t know it then, but Penny and I have so much in common regarding our values and thoughts on how to conduct ourselves in business. We both, for instance, think it is important to provide and deliver support to colleagues in a way that suits them. Since that initial interaction, we have kept in touch. What’s more, I have benefited first-hand from Penny’s advice and mentoring approach through my participation in her Business is Personal Mastermind. Penny has genuine entrepreneurial wisdom and was awarded an OBE for her ‘Contribution to Entrepreneurship in the social digital economy’. It was during one of our regular catch-ups that we came up with the idea of recording ourselves chatting about our common interests and shared outlook – so that is what we have done. As Penny acknowledges in the video, now is the time for people to take responsibility for what their own future is. I am just proud that London School of Sales is all about doing just that. Whether you are selling a product or service to your team or internal stakeholders, or you are selling yourself to a prospective employer or audience, there is an art to selling. It is an art that can be enhanced by your ability to understand yourself deeply and treat those around you with empathy and compassion. We hope you enjoy the conversation. Vinit Shah
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