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Do You Have the Spirit of a Salesperson?

May 13, 2022

We are all salespeople–maybe not all the time, but more often than we care to realise. Having a sales spirit doesn’t just mean working in the sales department. It means having a unique mindset in every moment of life.  Sales is a fundamental life skill that can build confidence and improve communication in everyday life. For this reason, it is inevitable for individuals with a salesperson mentality to develop into natural leaders in their personal lives.  Whether you’re an essential member of the sales department or someone looking to build a career in sales, it’s transformative to discover that you have the sales spirit. Let’s dive into the instinctive qualities of a salesperson.
Do You Try to Persuade People of Your Point of View?
Persuasion is a natural talent created by the combination of many different skills. The moment many salespeople realise they are suitable for the job, you can find a strong correlation between the impact they create and their ability to influence and persuade their audience. Being competent and effective in persuasion requires very strong communication skills and emotional intelligence. Structuring the conversation with the appropriate words and with the right timing improves communication flow.  When you actively listen to people with deep empathy, you can understand their expectations and pain points. Nurturing important skills like self-confidence, body language, and patience is the fuel of persuasion, and persuasion is the catalyst of a salesperson’s closing skills.
Do You Use Stories, Anecdotes, or Examples to Get Your Point Across?
The best salesperson can naturally bring concrete ideas to life. They see each conversation as an opportunity to infuse varying stories, anecdotes and examples. Oftentimes, the value for a customer is in removing a pain point, improving the experience or creating incremental opportunity that drives the purchase decision. A good salesperson’s sales pitch sows the seeds of possibility by addressing priorities and highlighting benefits and outcomes. Most importantly, it develops a subliminal connection with the customer that engages them, builds confidence and encourages action.
Are You Curious and Always Questioning Things?
Curiosity drives a good salesperson. An important sign that you have a sales mentality is your passion to constantly ask questions, seek understanding and improve yourself in line with what you learn. One of the most important factors leading to effective sales is shaping strategies and capabilities based on feedback.  If you are always asking questions or are intrigued about moments in your life, the answers or conclusions you reach can be pieces of wisdom that will propel you forward and support your growth. Being constantly curious is an instinctive quality and one of the essential salesperson skills.
Are You Able to Face Rejection and Obstacles With Ease?
Being rejected or challenged can make an ordinary person’s day or even week turn bad. However, on any given day, salespeople face dozens of objections and rejections and continue on their way calmly.  To have this impressive ability, you need to develop strong strategies that you can follow in case of rejection and objection. In moments of uncertainty or doubt, successful salespeople remain calm and call on their resilience to work through the challenges. Rather than caving into rejection and fear, they will look for opportunity and remain open minded.  This ability to maintain focus and work through the uncertainty is an enviable sales trait.
Do You Believe In Something So Passionately That You Want to Share It With Others?
The best salespeople are passionate about helping their customers and finding solutions to their challenges. They like to share ideas, understand the bigger picture, build relationships and connect the dots. Salespeople thrive in environments where they are trusted and given freedom to use their personality to showcase their skills. If they believe in the product then it’s a win-win for the business, customer and salesperson. If you enjoy sharing ideas, solving problems and creating value then you understand the essence of sales.
Is There a Project You’re Working On, and Wanting to Prioritise and Create Urgency Around?
When salespeople have confidence in their ability, the solution they sell and projects they manage, they naturally prioritise and create a sense of urgency through the work they deliver. They bring the right people and resources together and connect the dots at a faster rate. They are focused on effectively managing the next step in the process to reduce the sales cycle time and maximise the available opportunity.
Are You Looking to Negotiate Through a Situation?
Negotiation forms the basis on which compromise is reached while avoiding argument and dispute. Every time a transaction takes place where there is a need being fulfilled, there is an opportunity to negotiate.  It is a two-way process and an opportunity for both the salesperson and the buyer. Both must agree on the terms for any agreement to be reached. The process of negotiation requires patience, compromise and trading so each party achieves their objectives. Salespeople are effective in negotiation because of their high confidence in their constantly improving communication skills.
Then You Are a Salesperson, So Be Proud of It!
Being a salesperson can help you progress in all aspects of your life. The transferable skills and positive mindset that you develop will push you forward and help you achieve greater success.  You might as well learn to harness this gift. Because we are all required to barter, trade, and haggle more often than we care to admit, and frequently when it matters greatly. If you want to test your sales skills and identify how you can improve your sales skills to be more effective take our free sales skills scorecard. Being a salesperson also can pave the way to a great career in sales or to becoming an excellent sales manager. However, a salesperson can only climb to the top if fueled by experience and training.  LSOS’s unique sales training programs (or programmes depending on where you reside)  created by salespeople for salespeople can help you to unlock your sales potential and shape the future of the industry.  You can develop a personal toolkit and the growth mindset needed to excel in your sales career by discovering our individual sales courses, or you can maximise your team’s productivity and sales associate skills by exploring our  sales team training programmes.