Are You a Salesperson?


We are all salespeople… maybe not all of us all the time, but more often than we care to realise.

Do you try to persuade different personalities of your point of view?

Do you use stories, anecdotes or examples to get your point across?

Are you curious and always questioning things?

Would life be easier if you could overcome objections more effectively?

Do you believe in something so passionately that you want to share it with others?

Is there a project you’re working on, but struggling to prioritise and create urgency around?

Are you looking to negotiate through a situation?

Then you’re a salesperson.
Be proud of it.

You might as well learn to do it better. Because we are all required to barter, trade and haggle more often than we care to consider and frequently when it matters greatly.

Unlock your sales potential, performance and skillset with London School of Sales’s seven essential selling techniques. The perfect energiser for the experienced salesperson, springboard for those looking to upskill and onboarding tool for industry entrants, this e-learning course will boost your sales success.

Vinit Shah


If you can’t sell yourself to YOU, then how will you ever sell to those around you? We hope you’ll take the first steps to greater success by signing up today for our Essential Sales Skills course.