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In-Depth Look at LSOS’s Sales Mindset and Emotional Intelligence Programme

September 18, 2023

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Sales Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Programme Module Details 

A progressive mentality empowers salespeople to build momentum, create new perspectives and overcome challenges. Learn about the critical sales mindsets, the impact of emotional intelligence in sales, and their effective management.

Module 1 – Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is vital for personal and professional success. To excel in sales, you must balance hard skills with soft EQ skills, which involve effectively managing and expressing emotions. In this module, you will:
  1. Identify what emotional intelligence is, and why it matters in sales.
  2. Review the 5 components of EQ, and how they apply in sales.
  3. Assess how to develop each component of EQ.
  4. Explore the steps to build an empathy map for your stakeholders.

Module 2 – Sales Mindset

Your mindset is your greatest asset in sales. Understanding and consistently applying the right behaviours, habits, and beliefs will differentiate you and support your growth. In this module, you will:
  1. Identify what mindset is, and its importance for salespeople.
  2. Explore the 5 critical sales mindsets and their impact on the sales process.
  3. Distinguish between a fixed mindset and growth mindset thoughts and behaviours.
  4. Discover how to develop and maintain a growth (sales) mindset.

Module 3 – Always Be Learning

To thrive in modern sales, salespeople must go beyond persuasive or emotive psychological tactics. Shift your focus from ‘always be closing’ to ‘always be learning’ for long-term success. In this module, you will:
  1. Explore the concepts and benefits of continuous development and learning.
  2. Evaluate the role of continuous learning in long-term sales success.
  3. Discover the different learning styles and their impact on your habits.
  4. Identify 7 steps for effective learning and overcoming challenges.

Module 4 – Time Management in Sales

Suffice to say that time is precious in sales. The question is: Are you managing time effectively? In this module, you will:
  1. Evaluate what time management is, and why it is critical in sales.
  2. Identify the common time-wasters.
  3. Explore different strategies to manage time effectively.
  4. Discover how to cultivate better time management habits.

Module 5 – Selling to Different Personality Types

In sales, if we understood everyone’s personality style, we would know just what to say and how to say it. In this module, you will:
  1. Identify what your personality style means for you.
  2. Examine introvert and extrovert characteristics and tailor your approach to their needs.
  3. Identify personality types through the Merrill-Reid/Wilson social styles model and flex your selling style for better engagement.
  4. Analyse the communication preferences of various personality types and what to avoid.
  5. Adapt Gartner’s Challenger profile for virtual working environments.

Module 6 – Analytical and Critical Thinking in Sales

Acquiring and applying these skills is highly valued by sales organisations and clients. They enable understanding and addressing client needs, making informed strategic decisions that drive sales and build long-term relationships. In this module, you will:
  1. Differentiate between analytical and critical thinking and their significance in sales.
  2. Explore strategies for developing analytical and critical thinking skills.
  3. Recognise common problem-solving barriers and ways to enhance problem-solving abilities.
  4. Evaluate the cause-and-effect model for problem-solving in sales and its practical application.
  5. Discover the impact of bias, and how to manage it.

Module 7 – Matching Needs to Value

The perception of value can vary greatly depending on the company’s objectives, needs, preferences, and expectations. In this module, you will:
  1. Assess the significance of defining ‘value’ and its connection to client pain points and needs.
  2. Identify the components used to define value in B2B sales.
  3. Apply the value proposition canvas tool to demonstrate how to match needs to value.
  4. Examine common ROI calculation strategies in value assessment.

Module 8 – Competitive Advantage

What is your secret weapon? A competitive advantage in sales can be compared to an avatar in a video game having a special ability. In this module, you will:
  1. Identify what a competitive advantage is.
  2. Consider why competitive advantage is important in sales.
  3. Review how you can differentiate and succeed against competitors.
  4. Discover how to use SWOT analysis.

Module 9 – Meeting Planning

Athletes prioritise preparation and planning to achieve their goals and maximise performance opportunities. Salespeople should also adopt this mindset for client interactions and meetings. In this module, you will:
  1. Explore meeting planning and various sales meeting types.
  2. Identify how to prepare and plan for each sales meeting.
  3. Establish the criteria to set up each meeting for success.

Module 10 – Handling Objections

An objection is like a ‘speed bump’ on the road. It slows the conversation, requires your attention and careful navigation to ensure a smooth continuation. In this module, you will:
  1. Identify objection handling in sales and its various strategies.
  2. Explore using objections as opportunities for timely, decisive responses in sales conversations.
  3. Review different ways of saying ‘No’, and using it to set boundaries.
  4. Assess common objections and strategies to manage them effectively.
  5. Evaluate objection levels at various stages of the sales process.
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