Hints & Tips

Sales Growth Starts with Habit Building

March 10, 2023

Sales success isn’t just about having a great product or pitch, It’s like baking a cake! 

The right habits are your ingredients, while consistency and desire are the oven that bakes your efforts to perfection.

Here are 5 tips to change your habits and fuel your personal growth engine.

1. Habit Forming: Find Your Why

The first step to breaking a bad habit is to understand why you want to change it.

 Identifying the reasons behind your desire to change will help you stay motivated.

2. Plan Your Change

Once you’ve identified the habit you want to change, it’s important to plan for the change. Remember, procrastination only increases the chance of the issue snowballing!

3. Unpack the Impact of Layering Over Time 

Layering bad habits hinders growth and development, leading to missed potential. Instead, layer good habits to create a growth-oriented routine that fosters an appetite for growth.

4. Time’s Investment Pays Off

Creating new habits takes time and commitment. While it may be easy to get started, it’s important to invest your time in maintaining the new habit for it to become your routine.

5. Evaluate to Elevate

Creating new habits is an ongoing process. Celebrate your successes, and don’t see setbacks as failures. Learn from them and adjust your approach accordingly.

Good habits pave the road to sales success. 

Implement these tips to take the first step and watch obstacles disappear.