sennder is Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder that serves several European countries, having connected over 40,000 trucks since 2015. sennder’s mission is to move trucks with the power of data to unlock endless and sustainable capacity at unparalleled quality.


As an industry leader, sennder identified the need to transform their sales team thinking and strategy. Their goal was to increase employee engagement, shift team thought processes, and boost sales skills. They sought relevant, beneficial sales training that their team could relate to and learn from.

Download our case study to see how sennder achieved the following results by partnering with LSOS:

  • 28% higher in employee engagement
  • Individual sales training courses specific to account management and negotiation topics
  • Tools to communicate with different personalities effectively
  • Coaching and Q&A sessions to discuss concerns openly and help build confidence to overcome barriers holding back progress
  • And more!

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