sennder is Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder that links large commercial shippers with small freight carriers. sennder offers shippers access to their connected fleet of thousands of trucks and has connected over 40,000 trucks since 2015.

Through the power of data and technology, sennder brings a unique approach to the industry. With over 1,000,000 completed full truck load shipments, they serve in several European countries.

sennder is a disruptor and wants to transform the industry through automation, transparency and process efficiencies.

Goals & Challenges

sennder’s mission is to move trucks with the power of data to unlock endless and sustainable capacity at unparalleled quality. With this main goal in mind, sennder required a shift in its sales strategies. 


There was a need to transform the way sales conversations were managed and developed. sennder wanted to inspire their sales team to take action through small but significant shifts in their thought process, understanding of behaviour, and sales strategies.

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Negotiation, with a focus on procurement
Account management
Nurturing and developing sustainable, long-term relationships
Sales tools and techniques

For this training, sennder was searching for a sales coach that fit the following criteria: 

Charismatic that the team could buy into
Able to share knowledge in a constructive, relevant, and meaningful way
Encourages team members to take concrete actions
Motivates the team to apply training tools and techniques



In order to meet these goals and challenges, sennder wanted to collaborate to ensure that their team was delivered the most practical and honest industry-leading sales coaching.

This is where London School of Sales stepped in. 

Thanks to the overlapping values of growth-focused and relationship-based training of sennder and LSOS, it was an instant match. sennder partnered with LSOS to provide tailor-made workshop training to their sales team. 


“London School of Sales used a combination of learning resources, styles and exercises to deliver engaging and interactive sessions that focused on relatable and applicable stories and examples.” 

Alicja Arts, Head of Sales Operations sennder

LSOS kickstarted the process with its focus on training created by salespeople for salespeople. With its passion to boost sales teams to excel, LSOS continued with the following actions:

Completed a sales skills assessment to identify underlying team trends
Developed workshop-based training sessions tailored to the logistics industry and sennder’s specific needs
Focused sessions on salespeople and their challenges
Offered solutions to team-specific issues
Bespoke one-to-one coaching to individuals to focus on specific questions and challenges
Provided a change of voice to aid development and shift focus

“London School of Sales validated our thought processes and provided suggestions on how we could tackle certain situations in a tangible way.” 

Alicja Arts, Head of Sales Operations sennder


sennder has an open feedback culture, and the critical measure of success was employee engagement. In post-session feedback surveys,

the LSOS sessions scored:

28% higher in employee engagement

than previous training experiences.

In addition, from partnering with LSOS, sennder was able to achieve the following:

  • Higher engagement with the training, specific to the sales team’s current challenges and needs

  • Development of individual sales toolkits specific to account management and negotiation

  • Ability to effectively communicate with different personalities

  • Training on the stages of negotiation, including how to work with procurement effectively and manage expectations

  • Solution-driven characteristics focused on being open-minded, developing trust and relationship-based connections

  • Coaching and Q&A sessions to discuss concerns openly and help build confidence to overcome barriers holding back progress

  • Team and individual motivation to learn and grow

“The sessions provided by London School of Sales were relevant and provided us with active tools and techniques that we could implement immediately – which we are already seeing results from.”

Alicja Arts, Head of Sales Operations sennder