How Hunters Developed Their Sales Manager With LSOS

Hunters was founded in 1992 on the principles of excellent customer service, unrivalled pro-activity and achieving the best possible sales results for their customers. Since then, it has grown into one of the UK’s largest franchised estate agency groups.

Hunters opened its first franchised branch in 2006. Now they have a national network with over 200 offices across the country, including London, Bristol, Midlands, Manchester and East Anglia.

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Goals & Challenges

  • Anand is the owner and director of Hunters Harrow on the Hill Estate Agency.

  • Anand had ambitions of growing his business portfolio. However, having to manage his branch, he had no time to devote to creating new business opportunities. To achieve his goals, he needed a much more flexible schedule.

  • Thus, he recognised the need to develop a competent branch manager that could manage day-to-day operations in his absence.

  • He was looking at an upskilling and succession planning programme that would give him more flexibility to pursue the opportunities that could carry his business to a higher level whilst his business grew without direct involvement.

  • He began looking for experienced sales coaches who offered proven and effective sales management training. At this stage, he contacted LSOS.

  • He decided to cooperate with LSOS to find an effective solution to reach his estate agency’s goals as a leader.

  • He discussed his needs with the London School of Sales. In line with the roadmap and methodology offered by LSOS, he enrolled his employee Wiktoria into the Sales Management Toolkit e-learning programme with coaching.


LSOS and Anand agreed on a solution plan that could transform Wiktoria into a manager who could manage all business processes of an estate agency, create short and long-term strategies, and bring practical solutions to daily life challenges. This plan was shaped by Wiktoria’s priorities, goals and needs, as well as Anand’s.

The training solution presented to Hunters Harrow for Wiktoria included:

  • Access to LSOS on-demand Sales Management Toolkit e-learning programme

  • Monthly coaching calls where Wiktoria could validate what she’d learned and share her challenges and comments on her training process

Over 12 months, Wiktoria spent time completing the nine e-learning modules that focused on developing her soft (human) skills. Some of the soft skills that Wiktoria aimed to develop were:

  • Change management
  • Empathy

  • Motivation

  • Values
  • Habits and behaviours
  • Decision making

Each month she would have a call with a sales coach to validate her understanding and discuss live examples of where she had implemented the learnings or was struggling to process her thoughts.

The one-on-one coaching allowed her to express herself, openly discuss her views, and rationalise the training process. The thoughtful discussion and space to share differing opinions allowed Wiktoria to develop a strong mindset to support her growth and development as a manager and leader.

“Fully recommend this programme. It’s been an amazing help with self-development. Vinit Shah has been amazing with his follow-up calls and discussing the progress! Thank you.”

Wiktoria Kucharska


Wiktoria has enhanced her human skills and developed into a confident and empathetic sales manager who is results-focused and able to manage Anand’s expectations whilst ensuring day-to-day operations proactively. The team she is managing is now consistently developing their skills and motivated to exceed targets.

With the help of the LSOS sales management training, Wiktoria was able to achieve the following:

  • More engaged and empowered to take control of her development and mental barriers holding her back
  • Able to adapt to any situation by developing a flexible growth mindset

  • Developed the tools and techniques to help her positively influence herself, her team, and Anand

  • Able to proactively manage expectations of those around her and solve management crises

  • Unlocked her motivation to learn more and become a better leader with a commitment to continuous learning to inspire her team

  • Believes in herself more than ever and carries her organisation forward by making confident decisions
  • Enhanced her ability to look beyond her bias and limitations and to make better decisions by staying calm in facing difficulties

The most important measure of success of the collaboration between LSOS and Hunters is Anand’s satisfaction with Wiktoria’s progress and changes in her approach to herself, her work, team and work processes. 

Anand now has much more time to grow his business portfolio and create opportunities, and Hunters Harrow now has a successful manager with a strong mindset.

“ I have been working for an estate agency for the past three years and this has helped me as a person to improve my management skills and improve as a person. “

Wiktoria Kucharska