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In-Depth Look at LSOS’s Communication Skills for Sales Programme

September 16, 2023

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Communication Skills for Sales Module Details

Articulating your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely is a precursor to sales success. Learn how to connect authentically, impact conversations decisively, and create value with your clients.

Module 1 – Introduction to Communication for Sales

When we think of the most powerful leaders, businesspeople, and effective change agents in the world, we realise that they all have one thing in common: an ability to effectively communicate their intended messages. In this module, you will:
  1. Examine what effective communication is and why it is important in sales.
  2. Identify how to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Discover the 7C’s of communication and how it applies to sales.
  4. Develop the ability to recognise and adapt to the 5 communication styles.
  5. Explore how to communicate effectively with introverts and extroverts.

Module 2 – Verbal Communication in Sales 

One of the most used forms of communication is through speaking or verbally. Our words and the way we say them can impact the success or failure of a sale. In this module, you will:
  1. Review what verbal communication is.
  2. Uncover the benefits of having good verbal communication in sales.
  3. Identify key verbal communication skills and their significance in sales.
  4. Explore how to develop good verbal communication skills.

Module 3 – Non-Verbal Communication for Sales

The way you listen, look, move, and react tells the person you are communicating with a lot about you and your intentions. In this module, you will:
  1. Learn the significance of non-verbal communication in sales.
  2. Explore the meaning of non-verbal gestures and actions.
  3. Distinguish between positive and negative body language.
  4. Discover effective non-verbal communication methods in virtual settings.

Module 4 – Business Writing (Written Communication)

In sales, effective business writing ensures clear, precise, and professional communication, contributing to long-term success while avoiding misinterpretations. In this module, you will:
  1. Assess the importance of business writing in sales.
  2. Evaluate why written communication matters throughout the sales process.
  3. Uncover the impact of poor business writing.
  4. Review the components and critical writing skills needed in sales.
  5. Explore how to write effective business emails.

Module 5 – Visual Communication in Sales

In B2B sales, visual communication skills are valuable for salespeople as they can enhance the overall impact and effectiveness of the sales process. In this module, you will:
  1. Explore what visual communication is and why it matters in sales.
  2. Explore the types of visual communication commonly used in sales.
  3. Discover the effective use of visual communication in sales, alongside other forms of communication.
  4. Discover how to deliver effective sales presentations.

Module 6 – The Art of Sales Questioning

Listening and asking questions are essential for learning, and success in sales. Embrace curiosity; asking the right questions at the right time uncovers valuable insights from customers and prospects. In this module, you will:
  1. Explore the 6 active listening skills and assess their significance in sales.
  2. Identify how to build rapport through questioning.
  3. Evaluate varied questioning techniques based on the sales funnel stage.
  4. Assess the creation of your own flexible Q&A strategy for predictability.
  5. Examine in-depth questioning with the 5 why root cause analysis technique.

Module 7 – Storytelling for Sales

In sales, stories are designed to create a better alternative by crafting compelling pictures. Using examples of well-known brands and the science behind storytelling, this module provides a framework for how to structure and deliver stories within sales conversations to have maximum impact. In this module, you will:
  1. Explore the science of storytelling and how to use stories to invoke action.
  2. Recognise the benefits of storytelling in sales and engage your audience effectively.
  3. Identify what to avoid in your stories.
  4. Explore how to use each selling experience as a storytelling opportunity.
  5. Review examples of well-known brands and the origin of their stories.

Module 8 – Networking for Sales

In sales, your network can introduce you to new opportunities, connect you to more people, and make you professionally credible. It’s a must-have skill to be successful in sales. In this module, you will:
  1. Discover what networking in sales entails, and why it matters.
  2. Evaluate strategies for networking and connecting with people.
  3. Recognise the importance of responsiveness for improved networking.

Module 9 – Social Selling in B2B

With global digital transformation changing the way organisations and individuals do business, social selling is an important strategic activity that needs careful consideration and planning. In this module, you will:
  1. Review what social selling entails.
  2. Discover why social selling is an important component of the sales strategy.
  3. Explore the role of marketing and sales in social media.
  4. Identify how to build a strong online presence for social selling.

Module 10 – The Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches are useful in various situations, like networking events or job interviews, to convey value quickly. The key to delivering a good elevator pitch is preparation and practice. In this module, you will:
  1. Analyse what an elevator pitch is, and why they are important in sales.
  2. Review various elevator pitch types that you need to proactively prepare for different situations.
  3. Explore how to structure and deliver an effective elevator pitch.
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