How LSOS Sparked Change in DGA’s Approach to Sales


Dentons Global Advisors (DGA) is an independent advisory firm specialising in providing strategic solutions for challenges faced by clients in increasingly complex and regulated business environments.

From managing reputational risks and disputes to corporate positioning and developing communication strategies, DGA offers a bespoke mix of services to facilitate change in critical moments.

Goals and Challenges

DGA reached out to LSOS with a specific set of challenges they were facing. They expressed a need to broaden their visibility in the market and expand their business prospects in an environment that was continually evolving and presenting new difficulties.

The majority of business growth was being driven organically and the responsibility of forming and maintaining relationships that generate new or existing business opportunities had fallen predominantly on the firm’s Partners. 

DGA were keen to develop and empower their Associate Partners (APs), and cultivate a more proactive approach to business development. They wanted to change the APs’ view of sales from mere transactions to a process and mindset that focused on proactive and ongoing engagement to build credibility, nurture relationships, gain a deeper understanding of client needs and a broader appreciation of the perceived value.

Partnership and Value

DGA made the strategic decision to collaborate with LSOS, primarily due to the significant value proposition and distinct approach presented by LSOS. 

This partnership was further enhanced by LSOS’s willingness and ability to understand DGA’s specific challenges and needs deeply. LSOS took time to understand the challenges, using that insight to customise deliverables, before providing interactive and engaging facilitation sessions that aligned with DGA’s expectations and desired outcomes.

LSOS brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, including:

  • Customised Workshop Programme: LSOS developed a tailored programme addressing DGA’s unique challenges. The programme was designed with relevant content and real-life scenarios, making it engaging and valuable for participants.
  • Flexibility and Commitment: LSOS demonstrated adaptability by aligning their delivery methods and content with DGA’s team. A format that resonated with the audience was developed for the team, using a balance of theory, interactive, experiential, and situational learning. 
  • Successful Collaboration: The partnership promoted a deeper understanding of sales and business development within DGA, providing a platform for continuous learning and improvement.



The collaboration between LSOS and DGA initiated a transformative shift and offered beneficial approaches to their unique challenges.

LSOS has assisted DGA’s Associate Partners through tailored sales training, reframing their roles and adopting a value-oriented mindset. The initial changes in organisational mindset and approach showed promising potential while enhancing their ability to address challenges to navigate complex business landscapes. 

DGA’s commitment to continuous development highlighted the focus on growth, advancement, and equipping their team with the skills needed to succeed in today’s business world.

As a result of this collaboration, DGA achieved the following:

  • Gained fresh perspectives on existing strategies and approaches to business challenges
  • Recognised the importance of daily business development activities for Associate Partners (APs)
  • Understood the need to delve deeper into the broader context and underlying challenges of clients to deliver more effective solutions
  • Enabled APs to see their role in a new light, focusing more on value-driven activities
  • Showcased their commitment to their team’s growth and development by investing in continuous learning programmes
  • Became an attractive proposition for top talent in the industry due to their proactive approach to employee development


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