• Accelerated Onboarding & Reduced Ramp Time

    On average, new sales hires only become productive after 11.2 months. With LSOS, you can reduce onboarding time by up to 3 months.

  • Increased Employee Retention Rates

    60% of employees consider leaving their position due to inefficient training. With LSOS, you can increase retention rates by raising your employees’ sales skills and self-confidence.

  • High and Sustainable Productivity 

    The average sales representative is only at “full productivity” for 15 months. LSOS sales training programs radically extend this period by advancing their adaptability skills.

  • Reduced Risks & Increased Sales Performance 

    Effective sales training improves companies’ at least by 6.7%. LSOS’ proven methods increase your team’s sales performance while reducing the voluntary turnover rate.

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WHY London School Of Sales?

LSOS Sales Training Courses
Trained hundreds of sales professionals
Global Sales Management Training
Feedback from thousands of sales professionals globally
Taught By Seasoned Professionals
Over 5000 clients
CPD accredited certificate
Interactive and effective learning experience
A London based school
Industry-Leading Sales Training
Suitable for every size of business and industry sector
Programmes can be implemented in any e-learning management system

LSOS Learning Paths

Choose the learning path that best suits your business needs. You can request training for your sales team to unlock the potential of your team or individual training to take your career one step further.

  • Essential Sales Skills

    This course will cover LSOS’ seven essentialsales techniques to unlock your team’s potential, performance, and skill set


  • Sales Management Toolkit

    This unique course will provide your sales managers with first-hand proven learnings that empower them to take their sales team’s performance and your business to the next level.

  • Sales Management Toolkit with Coaching

    Invest in your sales managers with our interactive e-learning experience that is tailored to their objectives. The help of an experienced coach ensures you don’t miss the smallest detail and maximizes results.

  • Bespoke Training and Coaching

    Whatever your sales challenge, we will bring our experience and expertise to help you find the right solution.